Beyond Perception Investigators



  "Giving the Dead a Voice & the Living Closure"

...since December 5, 2014

About Us

We are a team of researchers, investigators, clairvoyants, a Combat Veteran, retired EMT's/Fire Fighters,a Psychic Medium, remote viewer/automatic drawer. Our mission is to give the dead a voice and the living closure. We do not wish to prove anything to anyone. It is not our job to convince anyone to believe in anything. We help those in need on our time and our dime. What we capture is just that. No frills. Raw, real, honest investigating. That's what makes us #ParaHonest .

Intro Video

EVP caught at Vans Apartment

BPI members, Gwen Luckett and Vanessa Hogle were recording for Perfect Trust Productions LLC when something was captured on audio. This was caught in Vanessa's apartment. Please view description on YouTube under the video for full details. #ParaHonest

Perfect Trust Productions LLC

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