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Requirements of Perspective Clients

 We at Beyond Perception Investigators volunteer our services so that those in need of help detecting/understanding potential Paranormal activity may be able to do so with no cost to the client(s).

 It has been our experience that after severe contamination and damage to our equipment that WE pay for, we can no longer accept any investigations without the following rules to be considered and adhered to by future clients.

1) Other than the BPI team, no other person(s) are allowed to be in the area of investigation unless they are the client(s) or someone the client(s) delegate on their behalf. BPI may occasionally have a guest investigator/fill in person with them.

2) Any distractions such as pets or running machinery can not be on/near the investigation site unless otherwise arranged with Gwen Clapper (Luckett). 

3) No alcohol or illicit drugs of any kind are to be used by the client(s) prior or during the investigation. We VOLUNTEER our services and appreciate all involved to have an unaltered mind.

4) If the client(s) wish for BPI to cleanse the area of Paranormal activity, we will attempt to do so (this is NEVER guaranteed) at no charge. However, if the client participates in ANY activity that reopens a "door" or "portal" and wish for the team to return for another investigation and/or cleansing, we will do so for a fee for general costs of travel, lodging, food and man power. Payment will be due before service is provided.

5) Any damage done to the equipment belonging to BPI due to the negligence of the client(s) or their inability to control their children, pets, etc will be replaced by the cost of the client(s).

6) All contracts signed prior to filming is an agreement between the client(s) and the BPI team and NOT of Perfect Trust Productions LLC.

  We did not want it to come to this, but we find these guidelines MUST be followed so that we may provide an as accurate and honest investigation as possible. We thank you in advance for your understanding in this manner.

- Gwen Clapper (Luckett)  Founder Beyond Perception Investigators

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