Beyond Perception Investigators


Gwen Luckett

Founder, investigator,  researcher and clairvoyant. As a child, Gwen could see and communicate with the dead. She would later serve as an EMT/FF/LEO and work for a local Doctor who was also a Medical Examiner. Later founding BPI after her father passed away, she would meet Vanessa Hogle whom she would then later co found Perfect Trust Productions LLC with and become the CEO. Gwen released her first book, a para biography titled "Embracing My Strange" in September of 2021 and it became a best seller. 

Chris Loper

Investigator, Researcher, Security and Tech. Chris has had some unexplained experiences throughout his life. He is a Combat Veteran and has a strong connection with the entities we encounter during investigations on battlefields.

Gene Clapper

Investigator, and Tech. Gene had experiences growing up in New York as a child that he has carried with him. He was a skeptic until meeting Gwen. After witnessing first hand some new experiences, he is now more open minded to the Paranormal. 

Alyssa Behler

Alyssa is no stranger to the Paranormal. She inherited her Clairvoyant gifts from her mother, Gwen. She now works alongside with her, helping clients find answers. Alyssa has taken classes for Archeology and has a passion for Greek Mythology. She also provides Tarot services.

Vanessa Hogle

Vanessa met Gwen on social media in February of 2015. Since then she has assisted BPI on several investigations with remote viewing as well as on site. Vanessa is an author of six best selling books in her genre. An artist, sculpter, automatic drawer, and a single mom. She too has been communicating with the dead since she was a child. She is the Founder/President and partner with Gwen at Perfect Trust Productions LLC. Vanessa is now a  member of BPI, joining in January of 2020.