Beyond Perception Investigators


Ep 8 BPI Re Release "Something Under My Bed"

There is several pieces of NEW footage from the original. The team responds to a parent needing help for their young child who is having terrifying experiences in her room. It was determined that this child has abilities and is now a beacon. SOME LANGUAGE/FOOTAGE MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL VIEWERS

Ep 7 BPI Re Release Cabin on 360

Originally released in 2017, new captures and enhanced audio of previous EVP's are included in this re release. Including a find of a lost file the team didn't know existed that will send chills down your spine when you hear it.

Ep 6 BPI Re Release - Sailer's Creek Battlefield/High Bridge/Hollywood Cemetery Va

The team sets off to Sailer's Creek Battlefield in Prince Edward Co, Va with Vanessa Hogle. This location is not as well known as it should be, being it was THE turning point in the American Civil War. Traveling then to High Bridge (Farmville, Va) and ending the investigation at Hollywood Cemetery.

Ep 5 BPI Re Release "West Virginia State Penitentiary"

The team travels to what is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the United States. Or is it? See a different paranormal take from the norm at this location. **SOME MATERIAL/LANGUAGE MAY NOT BE SUITED FOR ALL AUDIENCES**

Ep 4 BPI Re Release "Too Many Tenants" Part Three

An hour long as we packed 2 nights of investigation into this episode. Vanessa Hogle joins us as we return back to a previous site. A new discovery stirs up activity and confirms suspicions both for the team and the clients. "The Incident" is born....AUDIENCE 18+

Ep 3 BPI Re Release "Too Many Tenants" Part Two

The team returns & continues the investigation for a family needing answers for mysterious activity going on in & around their home. Occurrences are becoming an issue & the family needs peace as do the spirits they are forced to share their space with. Activity amps up. AUDIENCE 18+

Ep 2 BPI Re Release "Too Many Tenants" Part One

The team sets off to help a family with what appears to be a routine investigation. As the investigation wears on, we find out more disturbing things about this property and its past. Part ONE of this investigation that lead up to a situation that proved to be life changing for all involved. 18+

Ep 1 BPI Re Release "Charlotte NC"

We traveled to North Carolina to help a family dealing with more than things going bump in the night. From odd happenings to very vivid dreams, to Gwen's walk and visions being confirmed, it happens HERE on this episode. **MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR SOME VIEWERS** **SOME LANGUAGE MAY NOT BE SUITABLE